Jackson Hole Fly Fishing Guide




Someone to create award winning logo for RP Outside website and branding.

Compensation: since I am cash poor right now, the following can be part of payment:
  • highly overpriced yet marginally effective flies tied by me.
  • private casting or tying lessons.
  • I will let you row me down a river during salmon fly time in my boat. Yeti cooler will be stocked with beer and lunch. (Yeti cooler …is one¬† of the reasons I am cash poor. Although I did save $4.79 on ice last summer.)
  • free legal advice. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, but I did sleep with one last night. And when I say sleep, I mean deep sleep.
  • ¬†grazing rights on our property for llamas, alpacas, goats, peafowl or pheasants.
  • tomatoes from my greenhouse.
  • International recognition from all 76 FB followers and 8 literate readers* that visited rpoutside.com in the last 16 months. *according to Google analytics.
If this sounds like it is up your alley, please email me at rob@rpoutside.com or call the international call center 203-927-8464.

It is getting there

Jim launched the new site this week and we are in the process of tweaking it, working out the kinks and adding the photo albums.

I am also writing great new content for the blog. I am excited about it and hopefully you will be too. It will all be linked to Facebook to have discussions there instead of moderating on the website.

Please be patient – it will get there
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